FANTIC 125cc (TX250) 200cc (TX350) 1979-82 - Fork Tubes - 35mm Ø - 580mm Long

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Product Overview

Pair of Fantic FANTIC 125-200cc Fork Tubes - 1979-82 Model Years for (TRIALS) with 35mm diameter and 580mm length for models listed below. These forks are for the early 125 and 200 Models, that have a single pinch bolt on the lower for outer casing were the spindle fits, please see images to understand this better, in late 1982 Fantic changed to a double pinch bolt, and the fork is very slightly different, We keep both types

For 125cc TX250, please make sure that your forks are 35mm Diameter,  as very early models with the grey frame had 33mm forks, and ours will not fit.

FANTIC TX250  1980-1982    125cc
FANTIX TX350  1979-1982    200cc

Available to ship worldwide.

Price is for two stanchions (one pair).

These fork tubes are OEM reproductions of the original parts and are therefore designed to fit the models listed. Forks can be retro fitted to many other brands and models and fork manufacturers but please make contact before you order so we can

1. Advise if they can be adapted
2. Advise on geometry and correct fitment