Export Orders

Export Orders

We are happy to supply orders to all countries, below we explain the Current Situation to give Clarity on Taxes and Duties

Exports to the EU

Once you have the items in your Shopping Cart and have proceeded to the check out, You will be asked to complete the details for your shipping address, at this point our system will see that you are Shipping outside the UK, and any UK taxes will be removed from the items in your cart, the UK VAT rate is 20% Currently, therefore you will see the items become 20% less.

When the goods are dispatched from us, we take care of the small amount of paperwork that is required by Customs in your country and this is sent with the parcel.

You will pay your countries VAT Rate on the nett value of the order plus shipping cost by either an email from the courier or directly to the courier representative who delivers your parcel.

There is a myth that after Brexit anything bought from the UK has high price duty to be paid, this is totally not the situation.

IF Duty is applicable, normally it will be as low as 2%, as for the VAT, before Brexit EU members would have had to pay the UKs 20% VAT, now you no longer have to pay that. 

As an example if you were buying from Germany, the product price would be 20% Less, and when the product arrives you would have pay MwSt (German VAT) at a rate of 19%.

If the product that you purchased is in the 2% Duty Range, it is now costing you 1% more, so for every €100 spend the cost increase is €1.

Exports to the Rest of the World

Exports to the rest of the World work in exactly the same way as above, whatever the tax rate is in your country will be payable, Tariff codes which are used to determine what rate of Duty is Payable are created by the "World Trade Organization", meaning that the Duty rates are the same in every country.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information